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Involvement - Pride- Activism – School Spirit - Community


Cape May Technical High School Student Council and Government (CMTSC/SG) exists to first and foremost represent the needs, desires and concerns of the entire student body of Cape May Tech.  As such, it serves as the voice of the student population addressing needs, improvements, concerns, questions and desires all in the name of creating a diverse, healthy, successful, dynamic and informed student body. 

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CMTSC/SG encourages and supports involvement, activism, and school spirit.  School spirit is achieved by fostering a healthy school culture that acknowledges and respects all members of the student population regardless of gender, religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, origin, gender identification or personal political beliefs.  School spirit focuses on taking pride in your school and home community, its roots and where it is capable of going. 

This Pride and Potential can be achieved when the students take an active role in the review of policies and procedures within the school, host activities that encourage community, cooperation and healthy competition, as well as reflect on the needs of those around them.

CMTSC/SG will meet with administrators in a roundtable discussion monthly, and sends a representative to the monthly Board of Education meetings.  This representative will take notes and have the opportunity to speak during the Public Input portion of the BOE meeting. 

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